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All of the structures remain attached to the testis and form what is known as the spermatic cord by the time the testis is in the scrotal sac, the gubernaculum is no more than a remnant of scar like tissue. Human sex cells contain one complete set of 23 chromosomes. The rapid increase in blood volume fills the erectile chambers, and the increased pressure of the filled chambers compresses the thin-walled penile venules, preventing venous drainage of the penis. Hormonal Control of Human Reproduction. A all of the choices are correct B cytoplasmic protein kinases C nuclear transcription factors D growth factors or their receptors. The labia minora are thin folds of tissue centrally located within the labia majora. It continues internally to make up the scrotal septum, a wall that divides the scrotum into two compartments, each housing one testis.

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This condition arises because the right corpus cavernosum and the left corpus cavernosum, the masses of erectile tissue, lie close together in the dorsal part of the penis, while a single body, the corpus spongiosumwhich contains the urethra, lies in a midline groove on the undersurface of the corpora cavernosa.

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24.3. Human Reproductive Anatomy and Gametogenesis

The result of this increased blood flow to the penis and reduced blood return from the penis is erection. Extra text: Whether decreasing testicular function contributes to such symptoms as fatigue, weakness, depression or impotence often remains uncertain. One such duct travels from each epididymis to the back of the prostate and joins with one of the two seminal vesicles. The penis is made of soft and spongy tissue which can contract or expand. How does the male reproductive system function?

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sex organs of the human male
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sex organs of the human male
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sex organs of the human male
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