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But heck no I will never be his patent as it seems he made a permanent patent out of my grandmother. At least some parts of nature know when to keep those knees together! Clitoral Sensitivity Study in Children: There are children present. Rarely is circumcision recommended for medical reasons.

Better yet, why do we have to choose?

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How does that fence taste, tree buddy? I read a few articles saying thd foreskin prevents hpv and has antibacterial purposes. Its just sickening to me. Taking out the tonsils after a year or two of that misery, instead of expecting me to suffer with it for years and just throwing antibiotic scrips at me, would have definitely improved my quality of life. The initial appearance of the fetal genitalia looks basically feminine: It has been done and can be done. Unfiltered semen cannot be injected into the uterus during an artificial insemination.


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